Zheng Anting urges moving abandoned vehicles to Guangdong

Lawmaker Zheng Anting has recommended that the local government move the city’s abandoned and unclaimed vehicles to Guangdong province so that the city can be rid of community sanitation threats and fire safety risks.
“Macau produces approximately 5,000 abandoned vehicles per year on average. The handling of abandoned cars is still not resolved. Some vacant lots have been occupied for a prolonged time by abandoned vehicles. In some private properties, abandoned cars pile up, damaging the image of the city. Moreover, the abandoned vehicles pose threats to sanitation and fire safety of the concerned communities,” said Zheng.
Zheng argued that there is a decreasing demand for secondhand cars and smaller demands lead to the more abandoned cars unable to be exported.
“Many public opinions in the community hope that the government can expedite collaboration with Guangdong province to speed up the cross-region handling process of abandoned vehicles,” Zheng wrote.
“Where is the government at in terms of abandoned vehicle cross-region handling procedures? When can Macau completely remove abandoned vehicles to Guangdong province?” Zheng asked.
The lawmaker stated that Macau’s car owners replace their vehicles at “a high frequency” and both the public vacant lots and private abandoned car garages are nearly fully occupied.
“In the short term, what are the measures the government will take to temporarily ease the problem in which vacant lots are fully packed with abandoned cars?”
In 2010, the Macau government initiated a study regarding cooperation with Guangdong province in transporting abandoned vehicles to Mainland China.

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