Sea of Mirrors aiming at 2018 premiere

Set and shot mostly in Macau, Thomas Lim’s latest film, Sea of Mirrors, wrapped up shooting last month with the completion of several scenes filmed in Los Angeles. Post-production is nearing completion, according to the director, and a premiere in the MSAR is being planned for 2018.

With the film set in Macau, Singaporean-Chinese director Lim and a predominantly local crew filmed Sea of Mirrors exclusively on an iPhone 6S, stating that this “would first and foremost suit the visual texture of the story.”

According to a press release from Island Man Pictures, L.A.-based Toru Uchikado, the star of popular American TV series Heroes Reborn, joined the cast as its final member last month

Born in the U.S and raised in Japan, Uchikado played the important role of “Ren Shimosawa” in the NBC science fiction serial drama Heroes Reborn, aired nationwide in America in 2015 and 2016.

Uchikado said that he was attracted to the project due its quirk of being filmed entirely on an iPhone and mostly in the Macau enclave.

“Macau is an extremely popular travel destination in Japan, and I’ve always hoped to be in a movie set there,” he said, according to the press release. “When Thomas [Lim] told me the story of Sea of Mirrors, which involved Japanese elements, and that he was shooting on the iPhone, I was very intrigued and immediately said yes.”

Sea of Mirrors tells the story of a fictional, former Japanese actress, Riri Kondo, who travels to the MSAR with her young daughter to meet a rich investor who claims to be her fan, who is interested in investing in a movie with the former star as the lead.

She turns down the offer, however, once she realizes the investor’s true motivation is to coerce her into sexual relations. Her daughter is kidnapped in response, resulting in a helpless and desperate attempt to find her child before Kondo’s growing obsession with casino lights in the city pushes her to the brink of madness.

According to the director’s schedule, post-production for the film should be completed later this year, with a Macau premiere in 2018. DB

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