11 individuals charged with computer fraud released on bail

The Public Prosecutions Office (MP) has granted bail to 11 individuals who were allegedly involved in a computer fraud scam at a local casino. Other measures implemented include banning the suspects from entering any gaming rooms.
The suspects, all aged between 20 and 30 years old, include four casino workers, seven gamblers and a man from mainland China who has escaped, the MP said in a statement.
Between May and June 2014, the casino workers input false information details onto the computer systems, allowing gamblers involved in the scam to obtain a higher number of reward points, even when they hadn’t placed any bets.
The gamblers would later redeem their reward points for hotel rooms, ferry tickets, and game machine cards.
The casino reported losses of MOP810,000. Eight suspects confessed that they had received between HKD2,000 and HKD12,000 as payment.
The prosecutor found enough evidence to charge the individuals with computer fraud. The suspects were granted bail, and are prohibited from entering casino gaming rooms. Other coercive measures were also applied, the MP said.
The case has been referred back to police authorities for further investigation.

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