200 more entities in cultural industries

total of 1,913 organizations were operating in the four core domains of the cultural industries of Macau last year, according to a statement released by the Statistics and Census Service. Those four areas are creative design, cultural exhibitions and performances, art collection, and digital media. This figure represents an increase of around 200 such organizations compared with 2015.

The number of people engaged in the sector rose by 7.7 percent to 11,000, while employee compensation increased 9.3 percent year- on-year to MOP1.71 billion. Total revenue recorded by the four core domains grew by nearly 10 percent year-on-year to MOP6.86 billion.

Gross value added, which measures the sector’s contribution to Macau’s economy, accounted for a mere 0.6 percent of economic activities, despite growing 8.5 percent year-on-year from 2015.

Analyzed by core domain, more than half of the organizations fell under the category of creative design in 2016, up by 100 year-on- year, while the number of people engaged increased by 0.6 percent to 3,372. Compensation of employees within this particular area, totaled around MOP430 million, which is an increase of 3.2 percent year-on-year

564 organizations were operating in digital media in 2016, an increase of 50 year- on-year and the number of people engaged rose by 4.7 percent to 4,812. Compensation of employees in digital media grew by 9.6 percent to MOP960 million.

There were 218 organizations operating in the area of cultural exhibitions and performances in 2016, up by 49 year-on-year. The number of people engaged in the field soared in 2016 by almost one-third to 2,429, while the compensation of workers rose by 20.6 percent to a total of MOP290 million.

Some 110 organizations were operating in the fourth area, art collection, last year, just one more than in 2015. Just under 400 people were employed by the sector and compensation of employees fell by 7.5 percent to about MOP25 million.

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