2019-nCoV | Agnes Lam calls for general holiday extension

In a request to the Chief Executive, Ho Iat Seng, lawmaker Agnes Lam said that employees should be allowed to work from home for the time being, in addition to other measures which should be taken to confine the spread of the coronavirus.
The lawmaker’s letter was published before the government announced special holidays for civil servants.
Citing the updated classification of the epidemic by the WHO, which raised the alert to high, the lawmaker requested the Chief Executive take further action.
She suggested the government encourage employers to offer the extension of holidays, reasoned absence or the option to work from home.
The lawmaker additionally thinks all pregnant women should be entitled to special unpaid leave for the foreseeable period, noting that pregnant women are more vulnerable to infection.
Finally, Lam proposed that work hours be shortened or a flexible check-in time be in place to allow employees to have sufficient time to take care of family members who have been forced to stay home due to the disease. AL

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