Philippines confirms 2nd polio case after declaring outbreak

Philippine health officials on Friday confirmed a second case of polio in a 5-year-old child a day after declaring the country’s first outbreak in nearly

Japan accepts talks with South Korea on WTO arbitration

Japan announced Friday it will accept South Korea’s request for joint talks leading to arbitration by the World Trade Organization after Seoul filed a complaint with

Typhoon heads to northeast Japan after some damage in south

A powerful typhoon was heading northeast to Japan’s main island of Honshu yesterday after lashing parts of the country’s southern islands with heavy rains and winds

Nobel laureate starts fund for survivors of sexual violence

The Nobel Peace Prize-winning surgeon whose hospital in war-torn Congo has treated over 50,000 victims of sexual violence has launched a fund with the goal

UN agency: Tanzania not sharing details on Ebola-like cases

The World Health Organization has issued an unusual statement raising questions about whether Tanzania is covering up possible cases of the deadly Ebola virus, a

Offbeat | Woman runs own half marathon after mix-up with UK race

A Massachusetts woman thought she was signing up to run a half marathon near her home, not across the Atlantic Ocean. Sheila Pereira learned too late that

This Day in History | 1952 – Charlie Chaplin comes home

World famous film actor and director Charlie Chaplin has returned to England for the first time in 21 years. He arrived with his wife Oona - daughter

Life & Style | Elevator briefly breaks down at reopened Washington Monument

The newly upgraded elevator at the Washington Monument stopped working just days after reopening to the public following a three-year renovation project. The National

Motorsports | Vettel ends 13-month winless run; Ferrari 1-2 at Singapore

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel took advantage of an early pit stop to win the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday and end a 13-month winless streak in Formula

World briefs

A bus crash in northern Pakistan killed 26 people yesterday after its brakes failed on a winding mountain road, police said. The

The Buzz | Former Charlie Rose makeup artist sues, alleging harassment

The former chief makeup artist at Charlie Rose’s interview show is suing him, saying the disgraced television journalist ran a “toxic work environment” for women. Gina Riggi

Area 51 events draw thousands to Nevada desert

Events involving thousands of Earthlings answering an internet buzz about an invitation to “Storm Area 51” in the Nevada desert have been mostly festive, with crowds numbering in

World Views | Robot wolves might just save Japan

With flashing red eyes and a swiveling head, Yuuji Ohta’s robot wolf bares its white canines and lets out an array of ghastly growls. A matted coat of brown

Monday, September 23, 2019 – edition no. 3381

* Flying Leopards earn crown in final seconds * 1,500 arrests risks backfiring in HK * Top lawyer Neto Valente believes that the ‘rigid and immobile’ courts of Macau are in urgent

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