30,000 customers affected by CTM blackout

Vandy Poon

Local telecom operator CTM called a press conference yesterday to provide more details regarding the partial blackout that occurred Tuesday night. According to CTM, the software problem involving two major internet access servers started at 7.30 p.m.

The service resumed at 11.49 p.m. and affected access to internet to 30,000 customers. The company’s CEO, Vandy Poon, said that CTM would assume “full responsibility” for the incident. While thousands of customers complained on CTM’s hotline, many did not get to speak with an operator. In response to journalists’ questions, Poon said that the line was made available throughout the entire blackout. “There are customers who couldn’t get to our operators in the first instance and they would have to be put on queue,” he said. The root cause of the blackout is still under investigation and Poon believes that the issue is still not completely addressed. CTM technicians will work during low-traffic hours in the early morning to solve it.

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