70 non-local workers complain about salary cuts

A group of 70 construction workers at the Lisboa Palace project visited the Labor Affairs Bureau (DSAL) yesterday to complain about a salary issue, according to a report by TDM. All complainants are non-local workers.

A representative of the 70 non-local workers, surnamed Zhang, explained that members of this group of people have been working at the Lisboa Palace for between seven months to one year, depending on each individual’s situation.

The hourly salary was promised to be MOP75, however, upon being paid, the workers calculated that their hourly salary was only MOP60. Due to their non-resident worker cards expiring on Thursday, they worried that the salary problem would remain unsolved if it is not dealt with now.

Workers hope that Lisboa Palace can provide them with attendance records for confirmation of their words. 

Workers also said that they visited the DSAL in October to report on the situation but, in their opinion, the DSAL lacks the sincerity to talk with them and has been avoiding workers as well.

On the other hand, the DSAL claims it has been handling the case according to legal procedures.

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