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Melco receives Certificate of Melco ISO 45001, becoming the first gaming operator in Macau to be awarded the globally-recognized standard in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

As part of Melco Resorts & Entertainment (Melco)’s commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for it’s 21,000-strong workforce, significant efforts have been invested over the last 10 years for the company to attain the highest standards of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).

Melco announced that in August, the company became Macau’s first gaming operator to be awarded the ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certificate across its entire portfolio of properties; including City of Dreams, Studio City, Altira Macau, Mocha Clubs and Melco’s Macau and Hong Kong corporate headquarter offices, in recognition of its dedication to managing OSH risks and providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees.

Director of Labor Affairs Bureau (DSAL) Mr. Wong Chi Hong and Director-General of Macau Productivity & Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) Dr. Suen Ka Hung were among the special guests invited to a recent event at Studio City to witness Melco receive the official certification of the ISO 45001 Standard. “Melco strives to be a responsible entertainment and gaming industry leader, and that starts from within – by providing our employees a safe working environment”, said Ms. Akiko Takahashi, Executive Vice President, Chief Officer of Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Melco hosts the first on-site Hotel and Catering Industry Safety Card Course in collaboration with DSAL

The event further celebrated the achievements of 25 Melco employees who successfully attained ISO 45001 SMS Training Certificates. Among them was Mr. Steve Yeung, Manager of Occupational Safety, who said “becoming the first of Macau’s gaming operators to attain the ISO 45001 Certification not only highlights the joint efforts of all Melco colleagues but is a testament of the company’s efforts to comply with legal requirements, prevent injuries and illness, and continuously monitor and improve OSH standards. In the long run, it will help improve work efficiency and contribute to the sustainable development of the company.”

Mr. Low Chee Ching, Executive Sous Chef, who also participated in ISO 45001 SMS training, expressed that the food and beverage environment is high-risk and complex, and it is therefore especially important to promote OSH awareness for team members’ practical implementation, “when colleagues are aware of potential dangers, they are reminded to stay alert and all times to protect themselves and others. As soon as management observe potential OSH risks, immediate steps are taken to show safety demonstrations and enhance supervision to ensure employees adhere to safety guidelines”.

Monthly OSH Committee meetings attended by senior management including property presidents ensure employees of all levels actively manage related issues

Melco’s OSH Policy was established in 2008 and endorsed by Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman and CEO, demonstrating the company’s commitment to workplace safety stems from senior management to all levels of the company. Monthly OSH Committee meetings attended by senior management such as property presidents ensure employees of all levels actively manage related issues.

Melco employees awarded ISO 45001 SMS Training Certificates

Further OSH initiatives supported by Melco include educating employees, suppliers and subcontractors in order to prevent work-related incidents. Earlier this summer, Melco became the first local gaming operator to launch an on-site Hotel and Catering Safety Card Training Program in collaboration with DSAL, where topics covered included workplace accident prevention, manual handling, kitchen safety, electricity, fire and heat prevention and emergency response. Regular roadshows promote workplace safety, and OSH awards are presented every quarter to those colleagues nominated for outstanding demonstration of OSH awareness and implementation.

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