Agnes Lam urges clarity on LRT plan for bridge

Lawmaker Agnes Lam has inquired about the government’s plan to swap the lanes on the Sai Van Bridge underpass.
Lam asks the government to provide more data to support its conclusion that the change is necessary, as well as on what grounds the change was proposed.
The government is planning to swap the enclosed lanes of the Sai Van Bridge, indicating that Light Rapid Transit (LRT) trains will use the current car lane in future.
Xu Gongyi, chief designer of the bridge, as well as some Portuguese engineers, were surprised by the government’s proposal. Xu has expressed his opposition to the government both verbally and in writing, but has not yet received a response.
Local newspaper Macao Daily News previously wrote that the safety of the bridge has been questioned. However, the government has reassured that the work has been certified by an independent body.
The Transport and Infrastructure Office, which oversees the entire LRT project, has responded to the situation, describing the news report as a “rumor.” It referenced the government’s explanation on the bridge’s standards back in June 2010.
The explanation had emphasized that the bridge had been built following the standards of China, Europe, the U.S., Hong Kong and Macau. The tender matched international standards and requirements.
The bridge was capable of withstanding LRT traffic and a third-party consultation report also showed that the bridge’s steel cables were in line with the relevant standards.
The lawmaker requests the administration to provide more details, such as the consultation report and which independent body certified the work. AL

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