Air Koryo to resume flights after nearly 20 years

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, more commonly known as North Korea, is strengthening its ties with Macau, with flights between the two places approved to resume soon, the Civil Aviation Authority (AACM) has confirmed to local media.

The Northeast Asian country’s state-owned flag carrier, Air Koryo, is resuming its flights from the country’s capital of Pyongyang to Macau starting from August 2. Tentatively, there will be two pairs of flights per week.

In September 1996, flights between the two cities commenced. The service was later terminated due to low demand, among other reasons.

Even with direct flights between the cities, travelling to North Korea will only become slightly more convenient, because the country is among a handful that do not allow individual tourism. In other words, tourists must travel in tour groups sanctioned by the North Korean government. Pre-approved visas are also mandatory.

The airline was founded in 1955, and currently operates a limited number of routes. It uses a fleet of Russian-made aircrafts, including the Antonov and the Tupolev. Staff reporter

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