AirAsia and AJ Hackett consider further collaboration

Celia Lao (left) and Alan John Hackett

AirAsia has partnered with AJ Hackett for the seventh edition of the “Crazy Jump Day” themed “AirAsia Destinations,” held at the Macau Tower.

The costumed bungy jump event saw 23 participants from across the Asia Pacific including Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and China who were selected by AirAsia and AJ Hackett via a social media contest held last month.

Winners of the contest were awarded return flights to destinations including Auckland and Singapore, as well as AJ Hackett activities in AJ Hackett Auckland and Singapore’s Sentosa Resort.

Speaking to the press, AJ Hackett CEO Alan John Hackett revealed that the group is working on plans to expand its offers and services.

Hackett noted that 60 percent of its customers are from mainland China.

The company is considering opening another bungy jump at the Macau Tower that is less extreme, targeting families. Hackett’s suggestion indicated that he is seeking to make this a reality within the next two to four years.

Hackett also shared plans to operate jet boats in the region. He described his vision for this as  harbor-cruise style, however he noted that he still needed to open dialogues with local authorities about this idea.

“We have other activities that we will be developing here in the future. Just to add to the fun for Macau,” said Hackett.

In response to questions about when the public would see these new operations, the CEO said, “We’d really love to have the operation by next year. It’s been four years in the making.”

Participants in the “Crazy Jump Day”

Meanwhile, AirAsia Hong Kong and Macau CEO Celia Lao stressed that the budget airline is working hard on advertising the region, as it aims to expand its routes in Macau.

“AirAsia sees it as a mission to showcase Macau’s best in the region. We see Macau as a rapidly expanding regional aviation hub,” Lao told the press on the sidelines of the event.

Lao also shared that the airline looks forward to connecting Macau to 130 of Air Asia’s destinations in the future.

“We are actively promoting the market to both sides, including the Pearl River Delta and destinations in Southeast Asia to make sure that people are aware of what is happening in Macau,” Lao assured.

Although she declined to disclose new routes for next year, Lao affirmed that the airline also aims to promote the historical and cultural landscape of the region.

The two companies expressed their commitment to the continuation of their partnership through offering promotions to their customers.

“I like the idea of […] customers producing a boarding pass being treated preferentially with discounted products,” said Hackett.

“We’re working on ideas that are cool and innovative and allow people to explore, which both companies are doing,” he added.

New routes for this festive season

Simon Chan

President of the Civil Aviation Authority (AACM) Simon Chan announced that several airlines are set to open new routes to Macau for this month’s festive season.

In the middle of the month, Macau’s airport will have routes from Macau to Changzhou, among several other regions.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Crazy Jump Day, Chan noted that the airport’s runway does not have sufficient space to park planes, as well as facilities on the ground.

Commenting on the number of passengers the airport can take, the president said, “regarding our overall design, if we calculate it with the number of passengers, [I] hope that at the first stage, there can be seven million passengers, and 10 million at the second stage, and 15 million at the third stage.”

Chan also noted that airlines are willing to open more routes when the Hong Kong-Zhuhai- Macau Bridge opens, adding that the move is an advantage to the development of the local airport and several airlines.

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