Aircraft security exercise ends in successful rescue

A security exercise held yesterday morning at the Macau International Airport has been deemed a success by local government authorities. The exercise simulated a hijacking of a Macau-registered aircraft by a foreign political organization.

Coordinated by the Public Security Police Force, the security exercise is carried out once every two years. The exercise this year took place from 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday to 3 a.m. the next day, and involved the participation of about 250 people.

During yesterday’s scenario, all passengers and crew members were eventually rescued, leading Macau authorities to regard the exercise as a success.

The simulated scenario was of a Macau-registered aircraft being unlawfully seized by a foreign political organization, who demanded that the pilots land the aircraft at the Macau International Airport. The hijackers demanded the Macau government release two of their organization members imprisoned in the city and demanded a ransom of USD10 million. The hijackers also required the aircraft to fly back to their country after the local authorities had settled the first two requests.

The hijackers threatened to kill all the people held captive on board, including 20 passengers and eight crew members, if their demands were not fulfilled.

At the start of the scenario, the Macau International Airport activated its Airport Emergency Operations Centre upon learning of the crisis.

Representatives from all involved entities arrived at the Centre to resolve the crisis. Negotiations between the Judiciary Police and the hijackers were carried out, while the on-scene commander sent the Special Duty Unit of the Public Security Police Force to attack the hijackers. The attack was successful and all passengers and crew members were saved.      

In addition to the Public Security Police Force, the other participating entities were the Unitary Police Force, Macau Customs Services, Judiciary Police, Fire Services Bureau, Health Bureau, Marine and Water Bureau, Civil Aviation Authority, CAM-Macau International Airport Company Ltd, Air Macau Company Ltd., Macau Security Company Ltd. (airport security) and Menzies Macau Airport Services Ltd. DB

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