Airport confirms 9.6 million passengers in 2019

The number of passengers served by the Macau International Airport grew to 9.6 million in 2019, setting a new a record, the airport management company has confirmed.
The press release from the Macau International Airport Company boasted that the passenger count last year was about 14 times the city’s total population. Compared to 2018, last year’s passenger count rose 16%.
Apart from the record-breaking passenger count, the airport also saw new highs in the number of flights handled. Some 77,000 flights flew in and out of the airport last year, about 18% more than in a year earlier.
Currently, a total of 34 airlines connect Macau with the Asia-Pacific region, including countries such as mainland China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, North and South Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan.
Last year, 13 new destinations were connected to the airport, with the majority being in mainland China.
Meanwhile, total visitors to Macau in 2019 grew 10% compared with 2018, reaching a record 39.4 million visitors. The total was just under the 40-million mark, which was previously earmarked as the city’s maximum “carrying capacity.”
In 2019, mainland tourists continued to top the list as the largest source market with a total of 28 million visitors. AL

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