Airport expands emergency generator system

The Macau International Airport (MIA) has added three sets of backup emergency generator systems to ensure uninterrupted power supply to important airport equipment.

MIA currently relies on three power stations at different locations in the airport to supply critical equipment; including its control tower, fire station and runway, and taxiway bridge airfield ground lighting.

All three power stations are equipped with emergency generator systems.

To improve the emergency response capability of the airport and provide second- level backup generator power supply, Macau International Airport Company Limited launched a new backup emergency generator system at the end of last year. 

In the event of a sudden power failure, equipment will be powered by three sets of emergency generators, with three more sets on standby for backup. Each generator set can now automatically start and load power within 15 seconds, and the new failsafe backup function enables the new and old units to complete the alternating load and restore power in less time.

The generator system can supply up to 72 hours of uninterrupted power. According to MIA, this “greatly improves the efficiency, ensuring the stability and strengthening the continuous capability of the emergency power supply.”

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