AL worried about containing Hong Kong’s influence

At least five lawmakers, including Mak Soi Kun, Iau Teng Pio and Lei Chan U, expressed their love for the country during yesterday’s Legislative Assembly (AL) meeting, and urged the local government to enhance patriotic education targeting the youth.
Iau Teng Pio, together with Fong Ka Chio and Chan Wa Keong, proposed that Macau gradually include content related to mainland China’s constitution law and the Macau Basic Law, into secondary schools’ textbooks in order to teach children to love the country and love Macau from an early age.
The three lawmakers also wish the local government form a team with more teaching staff to carry out patriotic education.
Likewise, Mak Soi Kun also expressed his pride in being a Chinese national, having proposed that Macau enhance patriotic education by focusing on history education, and also by enhancing civil servants’ knowledge of the country’s history.
“Macau has been returned to the country for 20 years, but I want to ask everyone whether Macau has returned absolutely?” questioned Mak.
Lawmaker Lei Chan U, unlike in most of his previous speeches, where he used Cantonese, this time spoke in Mandarin while presenting his concerns about Hong Kong’s influence over Macau. Using Hong Kong as an example, he wants the Macau government to improve the livelihood and the patriotic education of younger generations.
In Lei’s opinion, Macau shares the same culture and speaks the same language as Hong Kong, so Macau people will naturally learn about Hong Kong’s protests, with different people having different opinions on the situation.
Lei considers that the Macau government should improve livelihoods and Loving the Country education as to avoid Macau falling into a situation like that in Hong Kong.
Chief Executive-appointed lawmaker Lao Chi Ngai thanked the motherland for bringing “unprecedented prospects” to Macau. He wants Macau to cherish its stability and harmony. JZ

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