Alexis Tam hints at possible job successor

Secretary for Culture and Social Affairs, Alexis Tam, indicated that “there might be a better candidate” to become the next Secretary for Culture and Social Affairs in Chief Executive-elect Ho Iat Seng’s government. The comment was made on the sidelines of yesterday’s opening ceremony of the Seac Pai Van public library.

“There may be a better option. There may be a better candidate,” said Tam. “It’s not yet decided. I think it should be decided and nominated by our new Chief Executive.”

Pressed on whether he was going to remain in his role during the next administration, Tam answered that he believes “these matters should be decided by the related people or even by the Central Government.”

According to Tam, Ho Iat Seng has not yet approached him regarding the nomination of the secretaries. 

Having begun in the public service in 1989, and holding the role of Secretary since 2014, Tam is not worried about stepping down from his position or even retiring.

“In my opinion, I believe that I will be like any other person who serves society, regardless of position. Even if I retire, I can help Macau society in a different role. It’s not only by being a high- ranking official or a Secretary that I can serve Macau. There are many ways,” said Tam, adding, “I am not worried at all.”

“I know that [Ho] is preparing his office. I believe that our whole team will surely be arranged to meet with the new Chief Executive to discuss the relevant works, especially since the social affairs and the culture [Secretariat] involves livelihood issues,” said Tam. “We have no problems [with that]. We are preparing ourselves for the relevant documents and even for a meeting.”

Previously, the Times reported that O Lam, the Chief-of-Office of the Chief Executive’s Office was being touted by government insiders as a possible successor to Tam. O has served in the Chief-of-Office position since Chief Executive Chui Sai On’s second term began in December 2014, taking over from Tam, who held the post for five years prior.

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