Alvin Chau dubs allegations ‘extremely absurd and unreasonable’

Tycoon Alvin Chau has condemned rumors that Suncity Group has been subsidizing Hong Kong rioters, disclosing information on VIP customers to mainland Chinese authorities, and failing to cover their clients’ financial deposits.
In a seven-minute video released on Sunday, the CEO of the junket operator refuted the circulating social media posts of potentially damaging rumors.
In regards to the allegations that Suncity has been subsidizing Hong Kong rioters, Chau said that he would not jeopardize the city, calling the allegations “extremely absurd and unreasonable.”
“What are my reasons and motives for subsidizing Hong Kong rioters? […] This is extremely absurd,” said the tycoon.
Responding to the online claims that his company was unable to cover the financial deposits of its clients, the video included images to prove that Suncity VIP Club has a total fiscal reserve amount of HKD10.58 billion.
“As of few days ago, the cash flow of our VIP rooms was about HKD18.6 billion, our total deposit of HKD16.5 billion in [two] banks. Our fiscal reserve of the past 14 years is HKD10.58 billion,” the tycoon explained.
“Our financial situation has been very stable. We have the capability and enough capital to offset any bad deposits and chip deposits of all clients. Suncity is a very stable financial platform,” he stressed.
Chau also refuted suggestions that law enforcement authorities in mainland China possessed the customer information of Suncity VIP Club members.
He emphasized that his junket operator has never received any demands from mainland China authorities for customer information.
“As an institution lawfully regulated in Macau and regulated by the Macau Personal Data Protection Act, Suncity Group is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily disclose any customer information,” he said.
“We have neither any colleagues stationed nor participating in any gaming related duties in mainland China. We have never participated in any underground fund transfer,” Chau reiterated.
Chau assured the public that the group has never encountered any leak of personal information, even from its app – refuting rumors that their mobile app leaked customer information.
In a separate press release, Suncity Group said that the Sun Finance App’s 24-hour monitoring system has not recorded any hacking attempts.
The CEO stressed that the mobile app is just software, and no customer information is stored in the system, adding that their service is placed in Macau.
In the video, the group showed its Certificate of Registration to prove that the IT department of Suncity Gaming Promotion Company Ltd was previously awarded the ISO 27001 certification by the British Standards Institution.
Further, Chau said that the group has secured the employment of its staff and has not fired a single employed resident amid the pandemic outbreak.
In a previous statement, Chau pledged that the company strives to protect the livelihood of its 4,500 employees, noting that it is prepared to employ “various long-term measures.”

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