Animal welfare | Advocate says IAM has double standards

More than four years after the promulgation of the Animal Protection Law, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has not placed enough focus on defending animal welfare, Josephine Lau, Vice President of the Abandoned Animals Protection Association of Macau was quoted saying.
In an interview with local Chinese media All About Macau, Lau accused the IAM of extensively picking on animal advocacy groups and pet owners. “It has not done much on actual animal protection,” Lau remarked.
Lau further explained that the authority has previously banned advocacy groups from keeping dogs in cages – one cage per dog – because the IAM regulates that sufficient space should be available for animals.
According to Lau, the authority does not understand that dogs must now be fed separately or they will fight with each other or consume each other’s food.
Meanwhile, Lau accused the IAM for treating animals cruelly. Volunteers have reported to the association that the dogs at the Macao Municipal Kennel do not receive enough attention even during the current cold weather.
In addition, she said that injured stray animals will not be taken care of immediately if they are brought to the kennel during the holidays. AL

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