Another batch of 64 SMEs graduate from Sands Academy

A total of 64 local small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) suppliers graduated from the Sands Procurement Academy Wednesday, breaking the record as Sands China’s largest class to date.
Since the founding of the academy in 2017, nearly 300 suppliers have enrolled in the program and over 280 have graduated, including Wednesday’s group.
Graduating suppliers receive a certificate and are given preferential procurement opportunities under otherwise equal circumstances.
“Sands China is so pleased to see the continued interest in the Sands Procurement Academy – an invaluable free resource for local SMEs,” said Charlie Cai, vice-president of Procurement and Supply Chain for Venetian Macau Limited. “Among this group of graduates, some were exhibitors in last year’s Sands Shopping Carnival, some are already our vendors, and others enrolled in the academy through our official website.”
The Sands Procurement Academy is co-organised with the Macao Chamber of Commerce and the Macau Productivity and Technology Centre (CPTTM), and shares business knowledge and skills to further the development of local SME suppliers.
The aim of the program is to help participants gain experience and capability for working with large-scale international corporations.
Sands China has held open enrolment in the academy to all local SMEs in Macau since last year, providing opportunities for a wider scope of SMEs to benefit from the skills and knowledge offered by the Sands Procurement Academy’s professionals. LV

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