Another patient recovers from Covid-19, but still in quarantine

Eight out of 10 patients in Macau confirmed to have Covid-19 have now recovered, with the latest case being discharged from the Conde de São Januário Hospital (CHCSJ) yesterday.
However, considering that elsewhere there have been cases where the recovered patient was found positive in follow-up RNA tests after being discharged from the hospital, the SSM have decided to put the 56-year-old recovered hotel shuttle bus driver under “recovery quarantine.”
Dr. Lo Iek Long, medical director of CHCSJ, told yesterday’s press conference, “the recovered [patient] is now in our facility in Coloane. He will be regularly tested for the virus.”
Lo stressed that the quarantine is a precautionary measure conducted to lower the risks posed to the community. The hospital doctor did not clarify how long the recovered patient will be in quarantine, but stressed that he should not be discriminated against after he returns to his neighborhood.
The patient’s treatment will be free-of-charge, pursuant to the Contagious Disease Prevention and Treatment Law, which stipulates the benefit for Macau residents.
His first respiratory symptoms developed on January 26, the day following his same-day trip to mainland China. He was diagnosed with Covid-19 and admitted to CHCSJ on February 4. He was hospitalized for 24 days. AL

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