Art Macao | Grace Kelly exhibition opens at Galaxy Macau

Part of the Art Macao campaign debuting this year, the “Grace Kelly: From Hollywood to Monaco” exhibition opened yesterday at Galaxy Macau.

Upon entering the exhibition space, which was especially set up for this exhibition, visitors are greeted with a quote by Grace Kelly: “I don’t want to dress up a picture with just my face.”

Before becoming the Princess of Monaco, Kelly was an actress and cinema icon, but many were primarily captivated by her beauty. “I’m sure she was talented, but her beauty seemed to be a distraction,” said Dr. Tan See Kam, associate professor of film studies at the University of Macau.

Tan said, “she was beautiful, cool, and blonde — an icon of her time.”

The exhibition showcases many of Kelly’s achievements. Film posters feature as a core section. More than a dozen posters of her films are displayed in the gallery, plus replicas of film ads on aged Hong Kong newspaper.

Further into the exhibition, an Oscar Award for Kelly’s performance in the 1955 film “The Country Girl” is on display, among the many other awards that illustrate her career achievements.

Charming outfits she used to wear, including the wedding gown at her royal wedding, and the renowned Hermès handbag that was named after her, make a section in the exhibition, as does some of Kelly’s jewelry collection, which has its own dedicated area.

The closing section shows artworks, mainly photographs, created by Kelly. One of the photographs captured Kelly counter-photographing her photographer, with her image subtly revealed on the right of the photograph as a reflection in the mirror.

Excerpts from Kelly’s films – including Tan’s favorite “Rear Window” – and a picture of Kelly by Andy Warhol, are also on display.

The exhibition, located at the Crystal Lobby of Galaxy Macau, is open to the public for free until August 28. Staff reporter

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