Arts | Fringe Festival to hold additional performances

The 19th Macao City Fringe Festival will hold additional performances of Binaural Dinner Date and Property Guide at Lou Kau Mansion on January 10 and January 15 due to popular demand.

With the annual festival set to run from January 10 to 19, the two programs have already been sold out, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) announced in a statement.

The festival will present 17 programs and 13 outreach activities under the theme, “Boundless creation will show you around!”

This year, the festival has launched a special series with two subthemes named “Crème de la Fringe.” The subtheme “On Site” features three dance performances, “ImprovFlashMob,” “Body Traveller” and “A Step to Theatre: Put out the Flame,” as well as dance workshops and a sharing session.

From the street to the theatre, artists will use their bodies to present different physical movements.

The second subtheme, “Puppet and Object Theatre Festival in Coloane,” will feature three contemporary puppet theatre productions, “Fragile,” “Story Market” and “Nightwalk: Pourquoi?” presented by artists from Macau, Taiwan and Canada, as well as extended workshops.

Also among the programs is “Kaleidoscope in Motion” by Stella & Artists, an interdisciplinary work that blends dance, projection and digital elements. In the co-production “Wearing My Untold Stories” by the Soda-City Experimental Workshop Arts Association and the Artistry of Wind Box Community Development Association, artists will convey their feelings through the use of cloth.

“Each year’s local productions, which promise great potential, are invited to the stage of the Macao Arts Festival for the following year, and will also be recommended for overseas events,” the IC president, Mok Ian Ian, said. LV

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