Association reunites performers with disabilities for Fringe

The Comuna de Pedra arts and cultural association is once again participating in the Macao City Fringe with the second edition of Todos Fest! until January 23.

Featuring performances, workshops, sharing and screening sessions, the mini-festival unites local artists, volunteers, elderly people, individuals with physical and mental disabilities and inclusive art practitioners from various parts.

Hot on the heels of a successful run at the Macau Arts Festival, The Never-ending Task of Lust for Failure reunites performers from the Association of Parents of the People with Intellectual Disabilities of Macau and Theatre HORA from Switzerland to express their personal stories, ideas, needs and desires through music and improvisation from January 17 to 19.

Led by two local choreographers, senior participants from the Casa Ricci Elderly Centre will attend the Body Workshop for the Elderly, exploring their past through body movement. After the workshop, they will tell of their experiences in Macau through dance and demonstrate the beauty of ageing and their creative flair at Dancing Veins on January 15 and 16.

Separately, Hong Kong inclusive artist yuenjie MARU will once again lead a symbiotic dance workshop for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. A one-day experience is also offered on January 22 and 23 for those who are interested in experiencing inclusive art, with his dance method DanceAbility and some elements of symbiotic dance as its creative core.

On January 22 and 23, screenings of the documentary Our Journey Together, directed by Macau videographer Os Wei, will show the audience how Comuna de Pedra has been working with different disadvantaged groups and the positive influence of inclusive arts spaces for everyone. 

Comuna de Pedra was first established in 1996. It has been focusing on physical and dance theatre productions, both on stage and site-specific, as well as the promotion of arts education, with the aim of developing more artistic possibilities and cultivating culture in Macau. LV

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