Association seeks to strengthen philanthropy network

An association focusing on strengthening philanthropy was established in June this year, aiming to build Macau into a network center for discussing philanthropy projects.
The main focus of Associação Internacional de Filantropia (Macau) is to provide a platform where Asian and Western concepts could be shared on a transcultural basis that leads to a new and innovative perspective on philanthropy.
“In fact, the concept of philanthropy that is developed in the U.S. and in Western countries is very different from the ones developed in Asia and in China,” said the president of the association, Lurdes de Sousa.
“China is not so much integrated in the big network of philanthropy and we see that nowadays, there are some wealthy Chinese people that are willing to give back to the society,” she added.
For de Sousa, Macau could play a significant role in connecting regions in both the East and West to promote generosity and humanitarianism.
“I think China has a big role to play in the international agenda because there are more and more wealthy people in China and I think it’s also part of the Chinese culture [to give back] in a sense of charity,” the association head explained.
In the future, Associação Internacional de Filantropia (Macau) will hold forums and events that will help boost the SAR’s role in the philanthropy sector.
Macau Daily Times is the official media partner of the association (see p18). LV

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