Taste of Edesia

Bangkok Escape 

There is no doubt that Bangkok is one of the food capitals of Asia, but for the serious foodies, going away from the big shopping malls to discover local eateries and restaurants that truly reflects the dynamics of the Thai gastronomic scene is essential. MDT recommends several spots as top picks for exploration. 

On Lok Yun for breakfast

French toast lovers must not miss On Lok Yun, a breakfast establishment that has been around for decades serving old school sandwiches, milk tea and delicious traditional treats. Here the toast is dipped in soy sauce and chilli sauce so if you prefer to eat your French toast with syrup, do not forget to bring your own. 

Wattana Panich for lunch 

If you are not afraid of a beef broth that has been cooking for the last 50 years, go visit Wattana Panich and you will not be disappointed with the rich and flavourful beef noodles offered. Boiled for decades with species and herbs, the beef broth presents layers of tastes and is loved by foodies coming from very corner of the globe. 

Authors’ Lounge for afternoon tea 

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok is a legendary hotel and Authors’ Lounge is the place to be for an elegant afternoon gathering. On the menu, there is a beautiful Thai afternoon tea set that serves exotic delights reflecting the sophistication of Thai gastronomic culture and visual aesthetics. 

Khrua Nai Baan for dinner

In the Lang Suan neighbourhood and steps away from the glitzy hotels is an eatery that serves typical dishes like Pad Thai and pork neck slices. The choices on the menu might sound ordinary yet dishes are prepared with precision and the restaurant is frequented by Thai families and locals. Prawn crackers and prawn cakes are their must-try items. 

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