Briefs | Banks to provide limited services starting today


The financial sector is resuming services today, but only partially, according to the Monetary Authority of Macao. Starting from today, banks will resume operations, following a week-long suspension of services amid the 2019-nCoV situation. However, services will only be resumed at some, not all, bank branches. The bureau said that the banks will release information regarding their service arrangements on their websites and apps. Besides banks, insurance companies will also resume today, although some will arrange work in shifts or remote work to maintain services. The bureau is also providing basic services, including insurance agents license renewal.

Insurance agent uses client’s ID to buy masks

An insurance agent has been found using his client’s ID card to buy masks. The Public Security Police Force (PSP) recently reported that one local insurance agent in his 30s has been forwarded to the prosecutor for using another person’s ID card. The man claimed that he had helped over 10 relatives and friends to buy masks on January 26. He claimed to have accidently used one of his client’s ID card to buy masks. Only on January 29, when the client went out to buy masks from a pharmacy in Taipa, was he told that his ID card had been used already. Using another person’s identity card, if proven to be identity fraud, is subject to a maximum of three years in prison or an equivalent fine.

14 days of isolation required for teachers and students

The Higher Education Bureau (DSES) has required returning university teachers and students to undergo a 14-day period of mandatory isolation at home. These individuals are asked to visit a hospital immediately if they experience discomfort and to report their recent travel history truthfully to medical staff. Yesterday, the DSES urged university students and teachers who returned to Macau from mainland China to self-enforce the isolation measure. The bureau also urged mainland students who are currently in the mainland not to return to universities in Macau and to isolate themselves at home until further notification of the resumption of school activities. Students are also requested to stay home if they live in Macau and are told to avoid visiting crowded places in town.

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