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Summer is here and due to the heat and various reasons, many individuals are dealing with the issue of enlarged pores on their skin. For those of you who need a quick fix to decrease visible pores and even out skin tone, Dr. Chan Kuok Wai MD at the Dr. J Clinic located on the 6th floor of Edificio Comercial Rodrigues recommends the NanoFractional RF treatment.
The skin resurfacing treatment uses state-of-the-art patented tip technology to penetrate the skin, enabling both ablation of the epidermis and coagulation of the dermis area. Micro dermal wounds expedite the coagulation process. The result is smoother skin with reduced signs of aging, textural irregularities, and diminished deep lines and folds. It could even correct necklace lines and tighten lax skin for a firm décolleté. Best of all, the downtime is minimal, just some redness for several days.

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