Beijing endorses work of Macau assembly

Chinese vice-premier Han Zheng (second from right) meets with local lawmakers

The Chinese central government fully endorses the work of the Legislative Assembly (AL), according to Chinese vice-premier Han Zheng.

Yesterday during a meeting with AL’s delegation, Han mentioned Beijing’s endorsement of Macau’s legislation body.

“The previous Legislative Assembly firmly supported the Chief Executive and the [Macau] SAR government in administering Macau in accordance with the law. It has played an important role in comprehensively and accurately implementing the One Country Two Systems policy, especially at advancing the system of the SAR established by the Constitution and the Basic Law,” said Han.

“We have also fully comprehended that it [Macau AL] has made active contributions to the development of Macau’s democracy, to the rule of law and to social progress,” said Han.

The meeting between Han and Macau’s lawmakers, which took place yesterday morning at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, lasted for approximately one hour.

This is also the third time since the handover that the Macau legislation body has visited mainland China officials.

According to a report by TDM, AL chairman Ho Iat Seng said that being received by the vice premier of the State Council was a great encouragement to all members of the Macau AL.

Han also brought up three prospects for the Macau AL: to protect and implement the constitutional responsibility of the Basic Law and the constitution, and to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty; to respect the executive-led system; and to have Macau find its own position, in terms of co-operating with the country’s development after the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.

On Tuesday, a total of 29 lawmakers, including Ho, departed from Macau for a three-day visit to Beijing and Tianjin.

Besides meeting Chinese leaders in Beijing, the lawmakers will also meet with Tianjin People’s Congress.

Prior to departure, lawmaker Song Pek Kei expressed that Macau could benefit by learning from mainland China’s “rather advanced” legislation system.

Other lawmakers hope to know more about the Greater Bay Area projects. JZ

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