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Black Pearl Degustation Menu – Imperial Court at MGM MACAU

A great Chinese meal is intricate, nuanced, and full of delicate techniques and full-bodied flavor. Imperial Court at MGM MACAU embraces the riches of Lingnan’s gastronomic heritage, blending tradition and creativity for an innovative creation. The restaurant has recently been awarded a rating of One-diamond from Black Pearl Restaurant Guide 2023.

To commemorate this accomplishment, we bring you a special menu – Black Pearl Degustation Menu, which features a roster of the restaurant’s signature dishes that celebrate authentic Lingnan culinary culture. This tantalizing menu features the Crispy fried chicken skin with shrimp mousse and salted fish flakes, a Lingnan handcrafted classic known as the “deconstructed chicken”. Swapping steamed chicken skin for a crunchy crispy-fried top shell offsets the shrimp mousse made of three types of shrimp – Japanese Obsiblue prawn, Vietnamese white shrimp, and Kuruma prawn from the Pearl River Delta Region, a thoughtful combination that gives the shrimp mousse an al dente texture and a vivid taste profile full of sweetness and umami. Finishing the refined creation with freeze-dried salted fish flakes, a specialty ingredient unique to Macau, to enrich the overall palate, this contrasting yet heavenly balanced delicacy is bespoken for Lingnan gastronomy. Other nostalgic Cantonese highlights are Braised partridge porridge with bird’s nest and Yunnan ham, Tossed handmade shrimp roe egg noodles with shredded sea cucumber and barbecued pork, and more, which exemplify the core of Chef de Cuisine Homan Tsui’s culinary philosophy – adorning traditional Lingnan gastronomy with creative use of premium ingredients.

This six-course luxurious meal made with impressive cooking methods and bursting with flavors is served in this delicious way. Pamper yourself with finely crafted creative and daring Chinese dishes that pay respect to classic flavors and techniques. For restaurant enquiry and reservation, please call (853) 8802 2361 or email


Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau

T  853 8802 2888 F  853 8802 3333





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