Bowie: Housing migrant staff is ‘complex’

MGM China Holdings Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Grant BowieChief Executive candidate Chui Sai On has proposed as part of his political platform that gaming operators should provide accommodation and transportation for non-local employees. Mr Bowie responded yesterday, saying that MGM is happy to work with the government. Admitting that pressure and tension still exists, he said: “I think the remaining issue is that Macau struggles with land. We also need to [develop a] collaborative understanding [as to] where we should be building these types of facilities – if that’s the expectation… A lot of discussion needs to be undertaken.”
Commenting on the recent labor protests, Bowie stressed: “I think our salary is competitive. Some of the discussions are about other benefits and services and I think we need to sit down and collaborate. The key issue is – as long as the discussion is about finding solutions but not just about creating noise – then it’s fine.”

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