Briefs | 28 fires triggered by cigarette butts

As of yesterday, the city had recorded 28 fire alarms triggered by cigarette butts, according to a statement by the Judiciary Police (PJ). Six of these cases were reported within 20 days after October 24, 2018, at which point the PJ issued an official warning. The large number of fire incidents in recent weeks exposes a lack of public awareness or attention regarding the dangers of littering with cigarette butts, the PJ noted. They have urged the public to handle flammable materials more carefully.

Upcoming hikes for local water prices

The Maritime and Water Bureau is considering increasing local water prices in the near future, according to director Susana Wong, who revealed the plans during a TDM radio program yesterday. Details of the proposed increase and implementation date have yet to be decided. This new development reflects the rising prices of water from mainland suppliers, which has resulted in higher costs for local water supply and treatment. The smallest increase will target ordinary residential households, while the larger hikes will be for commercial users.

New window safety regulations next year

Starting next year, the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau will implement safety regulations for window maintenance in buildings. The first draft was released at the end of 2017 after a public consultation. Since Typhoon Hato, the Macau Foundation has received more than 5,000 applications for domestic repair subsidies, most of which were related to window damages.

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