Briefs | 3 more Hongkongers caught dealing drugs in Macau

Another three Hong Kong residents have been caught dealing drugs in Macau, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reported yesterday. The three people were involved in two different cases. In the first case, two Hong Kong men aged 24 and 69 were caught. They had been dealing drugs in Macau for three weeks, receiving HKD20,000 in total in payment. The two claimed they were dealing drugs in Macau because they wanted to pay off their debts. In the other case, a 36-year-old Hong Kong woman was found to have been dealing drugs in Macau for three months. Each time, she received HKD2,200, totaling HKD30,000. At this stage, the PJ has not found any evidence indicating that the two cases were organized by the same criminal group.

Tourism Activities Center reports arson

An arson case has been reported by the Tourism Activities Center (CAT), according to the Judiciary Police (PJ). A fire was spotted inside CAT’s race car museum on Wednesday night around 8 p.m. , as well as some adhesive tape on a fire door. The fire was extinguished before firefighters arrived at the scene. According to the PJ’s preliminary investigation, several cigarette butts were found on the floor next to the fire door. Because of this, the PJ suspects the butts are related to the fire, and have therefore listed the case as an arson. No injuries were reported during the incident, which is being followed up by the PJ investigation department.

SIM card registrations to be electronic

The security authority is preparing to make SIM card real-name registration electronic, according to the Office of the Secretary for Security. The authority is currently discussing the real-name registration with telecommunications operators, which will be officially launched after the city’s cyber security law comes into effect on December 22. The security authority expects that exclusively electronic methods will be used to register SIM card users. In addition, the local government has already drafted administrative regulations for the establishment of a cyber security committee, a cyber security incidents emergency center and cyber security supervision organizations. The Judiciary Police (PJ), together with the Public Administration, Civil Service Bureau and the Post, Telegraph and Telephones Office (CTT), are drafting the technical requirements concerning cyber security.

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