Briefs | AIPIM to distribute safety packs to members

The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) is going to make safety packs available to its members who are required to cover news on the protests in Hong Kong, the association announced on Saturday. This was agreed in light of recent events occurring in Hong Kong. The association thinks it is appropriate to help protect its members. The kit to be distributed will include a helmet, vest, goggles and respirators. The group did not indicate the total number of packs that will be distributed. It stated in the announcement that there is a limited amount of kits, and each member is entitled to one kit only. Several local media outlets that publish in English or Portuguese have sent journalists to cover the protests in Hong Kong.

HK District Councillor denied entry into Macau

Chan Wai-tat, a district councillor in Hong Kong, was refused entry into Macau yesterday. Chan intended to enter Macau for a family day trip, as posted on his social media. The councillor explained in the post that he had brought his spouse and son to Macau for a day trip. He supported the statement with a photo of the itinerary and a photo of his family taken at the gate of the Hong Kong checkpoint. The alleged “entry refusal notification” given to him by Macau’s Public Security Police Force (PSP) indicated: “There are strong references that you [Chan] intend to enter the Macau SAR to participate in certain activities which may jeopardize public security or public order.”

Personal data protection act may need upgrade

The Office for Personal Data Protection admitted that Macau’s personal data protection law needs to keep pace with the times, indicating that the law needs to be amended in order to adapt itself to social changes. In its reply to lawmaker Song Pek Kei’s written inquiry, the office initially stated that the personal data protection act has been implemented for 10 years and that its implementation is in good condition. However, the office acknowledged that information technology is developing rapidly today, and that the use of personal data at an information technology level is becoming increasingly popular, which means that adapting to new situations is a problem and a challenge that must be faced.

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