Briefs | Civil Servants association calls for 5pct salary increase

The Macau Civil Servants Association is calling on the government to increase the salary of civil servants by five percent in 2019. A group of ten members from the association visited the government headquarters to express their opinions regarding next year’s policy address. According to lawmaker Pereira Coutinho, the association hopes that cash handouts can be increased to MOP12,000; subsidies given to the elderlies can increase to MOP10,000; and social security fund retirement pensions can reach MOP5,000. The association also urged the government to build eight public houses in the future.

Ho Chio Meng dismissed from his position

Macau’s former top prosecutor, Ho Chio Meng, has been dismissed from his position, according to a dispatch published on the Official Gazette. Ho Chio Meng has been sentenced to jail for 21 years as a result of 1,092 convicted accusations in total. Before Ho was convicted to a jail sentence, he served as an assistant prosecutor. According to Macau’s law, if a person involved in a dismissal decision is a prosecutor, then the dismissal has to be reported to and approved by the central government.

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