Briefs | Commentator disagrees with ‘closed-minded’ assessment

Deputy Director-general Johnson Ian of the Association of Synergy of Macau has disagreed with the government’s accusation of local people not being sufficiently open-minded about accepting professionals from other places. “The government’s policies are conflicting because it simultaneously pushes local people to the north[ern district] and complains that Macau has no professionals,” Ian said, adding that it’s the loophole in the system that local people oppose. The anti-corruption commission revealed last year that many fraudulent professionals were approved to work in Macau. Ian finds it unfair to blame local people when the government has done nothing to close the loopholes that allowed this to happen.

15 charged with new taxi law

Police have revealed that since June 3, when the new taxi law was enacted, there have been 15 drivers charged with overcharging, rejecting passengers, covering working permits, etc. Police pledged that they would employ all means, including spot checks, video retrieval, and statements from witnesses, to gather evidence. Meanwhile, the new law imbues Transport Bureau personnel with the same authority as police in terms of investigating and charging drivers. The Transport Bureau head said 350 taxi stands were set up across the city following a request from the industry, to better enable the city’s 1,900 taxis. Both the police and Transport Bureau are authorized to enforce the new law.

Gov’t invites opinions on proposed undersea tunnel

The government has proposed building a fifth passage connecting the Macau Peninsula and Taipa, which will be an undersea tunnel running parallel to the Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge. As the authority in charge of the project, the Land, Public Work and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) is inviting comments from the public about its preliminary plan. The proposed tunnel will likely be 2,400m long. There are six lanes in total, three in each direction. The speed limit is expected to be 60km/h. It will connect future Reclamation Zones B and D. It will not take motorbike traffic, as disclosed by the government earlier.

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