Briefs | Concrete falls from PSP academy building, damages cars

Loose concrete from a building belonging to the public security force has fallen to the ground and damaged three cars. Earlier this week, at the Academy of Public Security Forces in ZAPE located on Tv. da Amizade, some loose concrete fell from the top floor of the academy building. Shards of glass found lying on the ground nearby were likely from the damaged cars. The police authority put up a barricade around the loose concrete and shards of glass to prevent passersby from approaching the scene. The cause of the incident is to be investigated. No injuries have been reported. In July this year, a 52-year-old passerby sustained injuries after he was hit by loose concrete falling from a building at Av. da Praia Grande. 

Mother who abandoned newborn sentenced to prison

A woman from Myanmar who abandoned her newborn baby has been sentenced to two and a half years in jail, as ruled by the Court of First Instance recently. The woman, aged 27, works as a domestic helper for a local family. One night last December, the woman gave birth to her daughter in her employer’s bathroom. Her employer discovered that the domestic helper had fainted inside the bathroom at first, but failed to notice the little baby, who had been abandoned on top of the air conditioner box outside the bathroom. It was only eight hours later that the couple found the baby, who was alive. The Burmese mother claimed she believed her daughter was stillborn. The court ruled that aggravated homicide was not established, but the woman was pronounced guilty of aggravated abandonment.

Group found guilty of faking HKZMB test reports

Twelve staff members of a contractor responsible for writing reports about the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZMB) have been found guilty of fraud. The 12 accused were employees of the contractor responsible for conducting concrete compression tests and soil density tests under HKZMB Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities and other projects. The sentence has not been announced yet. Seven people have already confessed to the accusations. Regarding the falsification of reports, in 2013, the contractor responsible was unable to complete a test report on time. The suspects then changed the test dates and time of their report in order to meet the Hong Kong government’s requirements. Additionally, since the concrete originally used for the test had already been crushed, staff members repeated the test with substitutes and obtained false simulation results.

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