Briefs | Coutinho asks about non-local nurses

Lawmaker Pereira Coutinho has written an inquiry asking the local government to explain its plan for allowing non-local nurses to work in Macau. The lawmaker quoted some young local nurses who had expressed their unhappiness with the Health Bureau’s plan. They worry the arrangement will affect local people’s employment opportunities and salaries. Coutinho asked the government if the authority was considering a public consultation before making the proposal. He also wants the government to explain how it came to its research conclusions, which proposed hiring mainland nurses for only one-third of the salary paid to local nurses in public hospitals.

Coloane flood prevention plan passed

The Coloane Ferry Terminal flood prevention project was approved by the Urban Planning Committee earlier this week. The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) proposed three flood control facilities be built at the terminal. In addition, the DSSOPT also proposed two landscape plans for Lai Chi Vun and Av. de Cinco de Outubro. The projects consist of building a lake between the ferry terminal and the avenue, and either a lake or a bank between Lai Chi Vun and the ferry terminal.

Lisboa Garden concept approved

The Urban Planning Committee has passed a draft plan for the previous Lisboa Garden land plot, which is located near the Estr. de Sete Tanques in Small Taipa Hill. Previously, a high-rise building project related to this land plot stirred up controversy in Macau. Recently, the land plot’s developer submitted a new plan to the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT), with the height of the building reduced to 81.5 meters. During a previous public consultation regarding the land plot, the DSSOPT received 397 opinions, with most expressing the opinion that the government should protect the land plot’s current landscape.

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