Briefs | CSG electricity supply to Macau has increased 24-fold

As of December 1, 2019, China Southern Power Grid (CSG) has supplied Macau with more than 50 billion kWh since it began serving the territory, according to a report by public broadcaster TDM. Yesterday, CSG took the media on a tour of a bus charging station on Zhuhai’s artificial island, as the company marked its 35th anniversary of supplying electricity to Macau. It is expected that in 2019 alone, CSG will have provided an estimated total of 4.95 billion kWh to Macau, a 24-fold increase since 1999. In 2018, the system reliability of CSG’s Zhuhai electricity supply was 99.89%, ranking first among all cities in mainland China. CSG also intends to improve the reliability of Macau’s power supply during extreme weather circumstances.

Taxi management systems to cost over 10 million patacas per year

The installation and maintenance of taxi management systems has been outsourced to New Leader Tecnologia Informatica (Macau), Lda. According to a statement released by the Transport Bureau (DSAT), the company will install GPS, voice and video recording devices in all of Macau’s taxis, among other things. The local government will pay the company 150 patacas per car every month. Previously, the DSAT had said that each taxi driver would have to pay 300 patacas per month to maintain the devices. There are nearly 1,900 taxis in Macau. Together with the 150 patacas to be paid by the local government, the taxi sector and the local government will pay over 10 million patacas per year for the devices.

UM hosts lectures to promote Luso-Afro-Asian dialogue

The University of Macau’s (UM) Research Centre for Luso-Asian Studies recently organized three guest lectures and a public seminar under the title ‘Luso-Afro-Asian Dialogues’. The four events aim to provide an opportunity for students of Portuguese studies to learn more about the cultural aspects of the contact and confluences between Portuguese and South Asian people, specifically people in India (Goa and Diu) and Sri Lanka. The events seek to enhance their knowledge about ongoing research studies on the cross influence between Portugal and Asian countries in terms of language, social models, and art. The two guest speakers were Professor Pedro Pombo, a researcher in anthropology from the University of Goa, and Dr Mahesh Radhakrishnan, a researcher in linguistics and ethnomusicology from the University of Sydney.

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