Briefs | DSAT’s speedometer reminder

Yesterday, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) issued a specific statement reminding heavy-duty vehicle owners to install speedometer data recorders. DSAT reminded owners that heavy-duty vehicles must be equipped with self-recording speedometers by March 28, 2020, otherwise a fine of 300 patacas will be imposed and an additional fee of 2,000 patacas will be charged for a special inspection. The city’s vehicle inspection regulation, which came into effect on March 28 this year, stipulates that heavy-duty vehicles must be equipped with speedometers within one year after the regulation comes into force. According to DSAT, there are still vehicle owners who have not installed the relevant devices in their vehicles.

Renovated Seac Pai Van public houses under inspection

400 Seac Pai Van public housing units are currently undergoing final inspection, according to Lam Wai Hou, director of the Infrastructure Development Office (GDI). Recently, renovations to the houses were completed, including a wall tile and floor tile refit. Lam said that when public houses go through a short construction period (and are built quickly) in future, GDI will ensure that the quality of the public houses will not be compromised simply because the houses have been built rapidly. In addition, Lam reported on the progress of the construction of the Qingmao Port. He believes that the Qingmao Port will be completed by the end of next year.

Noise at water treatment facility to be re-evaluated

The Macao Water Supply Company Ltd. will do another noise evaluation of Ilha Verde’s water treatment operation, the company advised during yesterday’s TDM radio program.The water company will follow up on the noise levels once the evaluation and relevant investigations are done. According to the water company, Ilha Verde is operating 24 hours a day. As an increasing number of citizens move into the vicinity, and even the neighboring area around the water treatment facility, the water company has hired a consulting company to evaluate the noise levels of the treatment facility several times over the past year, having also added a silencing louver to the pumping room and improvements to the insulation of the central air-conditioning compressor.

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