Briefs | Ella Lei asks about urban planning

Lawmaker Ella Lei has asked the local government about the urban master plan. Lei accused Macau’s urban planning draft process of being slow, specifically accusing the local government of allowing unreasonable projects to be approved in the absence of an urban planning law. She further noted that these projects had damaged the hills, natural views, and living environments of nearby residential communities. The local government has been asked to complete detailed urban planning legislation as soon as possible to determine the land use of each district, coordinate the urban spatial layout and to accomplish other goals for building a liveable city. In addition, Lei asked whether the government would consider building a coastal “green corridor” approximately 17 kilometers long by using recovered lands.

Lawmaker demands no more changes to LRT route 

Lawmaker Lei Chan U has demanded that the Macau SAR government stop changing route plans for the Light Rapid Transit (LRT). In 2003, the local government proposed the introduction of a new urban mass transportation system. In his interpellation to the government, Lei remarked that after 18 years, the former Transportation Infrastructure Office (GIT)’s latest LRT network plan is uncertain. He questioned when the SAR government would formulate clear medium-term and long-term plans for the LRT network so that its routes would no longer be changed so frequently. The former GIT’s functions are currently spread across several different departments. Lei asked if this situation would affect the future development of the LRT.

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