briefs: Exhibitions’ with moore visitors in 2Q

A total of 227 MICE events were held in the second quarter of 2014, one less than the number of events held in the same period last year, according to information released by the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC). However, there was an increase in the number of exhibitions held in town, with the total number of participants and attendees rising by 139 pct year-on-year to reach 522,000. 989 exhibitors participated in the exhibitions, 38 pct of which came from Hong Kong, whilst local exhibitors accounted for 32 pct of the total. These events took place over an average duration of two days.

Nurse attempts   suicide in CHCSJ

A 54-year-old Filipino nurse was found unconscious in the changing room of the Conde de São Januário Central Hospital (CHCSJ)’s pediatric department yesterday afternoon. According to a statement released by the Health Bureau (SSM) last night, medical staff immediately tried to resuscitate her. She was later sent to the intensive care unit for observation and further treatment. The statement said that she remains critical condition. It also said that CHCSJ has reported the incident to the police, according to procedure. TDM reported that a syringe was found next to the nurse, and speculated that she could have injected herself with an overdose of drugs.

Unemployment rate stable at 1.7 pct

The unemployment rate for May-July 2014 was stable at 1.7 pct, as it has remained for seven consecutive periods, according to the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC). The underemployment rate dropped further to 0.3 pct, having decreased by 0.1 percentage point compared with April-June. The total labor force numbered 393,600 and the labor force participation rate rose by 0.4 percentage points from April-June to reach 73.8 pct. The employment total reached 387,000, an increase of 3,400 from April-June. Employment in the Construction sector surged by 3,100, and the Hotels, Restaurants & Similar Activities sector saw an increase of 1,400 employees. The number of unemployed residents registered at 6,700, an increase of 200 from April-June. With fresh graduates joining the labor market, the number of new entrants to the workforce looking for their first jobs increased by 3 percentage points, to account for 18 pct of the unemployment total.

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