Briefs | Fog leads to Macau-Shenzhen ferry suspension


Foggy weather yesterday led to the suspension of some ferry services between Macau and Shenzhen, according to the Marine and Water Bureau. Yesterday’s weather report showed that an easterly airstream affected the weather of Macau, which caused rain in the early hours of the day. The marine authority said that, due to substantial fog, ferries heading to Shekou, Shenzhen, and to Fuyong, Shenzhen departing from the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal were suspended. Amid restricted visibility, ferries from the Taipa Ferry Terminal to the abovementioned two ferry terminals in Shenzhen operated limited services. The city’s weather authority has also forecast that the Pearl River Delta area will be affected by disturbances in the upper air today and tomorrow.

Housing Bureau calls for tenders for residential renovation project

The Housing Bureau (IH) has called for public tenders for the renovation of a residential project comprising 500 public housing units. According to the bureau’s official tender announcement, the tenderer will need to replace doors, windows, waterpipes and other amenities on this batch of public housing units. The renovations will commence from the contract signing day until December 13. The IH will divide these units into different groups and the contractor may renovate a maximum of two groups every week, with a maximum renovation cost of 500,000 patacas. Each group of renovations should take fewer than 35 working days.

IAM removes ‘domestic helper’ content suggestion from infographic

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has updated a controversial infographic with new information. Published earlier in the week, the infographic prompted complaints from the public after it appeared to cast non-Chinese domestic workers in a bad light. It had urged employers of domestic helpers to provide lessons on hygiene to their employees. The infographic contained three pictures and the title “Teach domestic helpers not to go through trash.” It also showed a person with a darker complexion, while its replacement had a noticeably lighter one. The infographic was removed from the Government Information Bureau later the same day. Its replacement no longer accuses any specific group of people of “going through the trash.” Instead, it makes a suggestion to the general public not to dig through trash.

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