Briefs | Football: Macau FA says it is still investigating 21-18 match

The Macau Football Association has informed the Times that an investigation into the controversial 21-18 score between Ka I and Hang Sai football teams is still ongoing. On June 16, the two local teams, playing in a Macau Cup tournament match, deliberately conceded goals to one another in what appeared to be a protest against the decision of the Macau Football Association not to send the SAR team to compete in Sri Lanka. The local football authority said it held a meeting with representatives of the two teams on June 18, beginning its investigation into the unusual match, and that more information would be released in the next few days. With regards to the missed Sri Lanka match, FIFA recently fined the Macau FA 10,000 Swiss francs (MOP82,000) for failing to play the away game. The team was also removed from qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

Health | HPV vaccine supply prioritized for Macau residents

Kiang Wu Hospital claims that the HPV vaccine in Macau will be extensively supplied to local residents, according to a report from local Chinese media. Earlier this week, deputy director of the hospital, Chan Tai Ip, said that the city’s vaccine supply is sufficient to meet local residents’ demand, and that, despite the fact that many mainland residents visit Macau to obtain an HPV vaccine, the hospital gives priority to local residents. In addition to the HPV vaccine, between November 3 and yesterday, Kiang Wu hospital received 84 requests for assisted reproductive technology services, with all of the requests coming from Macau residents.

Transportation | Bus reporting system to suspend service briefly

The Bus Traveling System of the Transport Bureau (DSAT) will be temporarily suspended on Saturday, according to an announcement made yesterday by the DSAT. The suspension will last between midnight and 5 a.m. on Saturday. During this period, the DSAT will conduct maintenance on the application and upgrade its public bus management system. The Bus Traveling System includes electronic stop signs at bus stops, a bus reporting app, and a bus assistance app for the visually impaired. All of these services will be suspended.

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