Briefs | Four hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning


Four people were sent to hospital due to carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the Health Bureau (SSM). The four were found in a residential unit located on Av. Do Dr. Francisco Vieira Machado in Areia Preta. The SSM reported that the four are aged between 12 and 57. One of them felt dizzy and had a rapid heartbeat after taking a bath for about eight minutes on February 2. After that, her symptoms worsened, her limbs weakened, she vomited and fell. Her carbon monoxide concentration was 21.4%. Her three family members denied feeling ill, but their blood carbon monoxide concentrations were found to be slightly elevated. All four were all taken to Kiang Wu Hospital and recovered after treatment.

Hotel VIP guest charged with fraud over 1.28 million debt

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) has handed a Korean man over to the prosecution authority. On February 1, the PSP arrested the man from a hotel located on R. das Árvores do Pagode. The PSP reported that the man was a VIP guest of the hotel. He had been living in the hotel since December 31, 2019 until January 31, 2020. During his stay, he repeatedly signed accounts requesting the provision of hotel services, such as the spa and food. However, he was eventually found to be unable to pay for all the expenses. In total, the man owed expenses of over 1.28 million patacas. He was arrested on February 1 when he admitted the incidents. The PSP handed him over to the prosecution authority under the charges of fraud.

Customs authority to enhance inspections over parallel trading

The Macao Customs Service has enhanced inspections over parallel trading in the vicinity of the Border Gate. In view of the severe coronavirus outbreak, the customs authority has increased its manpower at the Border Gate to crack down parallel trading activities, and will crack down on non-quarantine food and illegal items entering Macau in order to maintain the city’s food safety and to protect people’s health. The customs authority also stated that epidemic prevention work is their top priority, and that the bureau is fully implementing the SAR government’s epidemic prevention policy. The customs authority will not condone any smuggling or illegal acts.

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