Briefs | Greater Bay population expected to double by 2050

Economist Fan Gang predicts that by 2050, the Greater Bay Area will be home to 150 million people, almost double its current population. The mainland economist hopes that the governments of Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong can integrate their public services, such as healthcare, education and housing. Moreover, Fan proposed that hukou restrictions should be eased in order to speed up these public services. He proposed public service integration be implemented first in cities before being implemented in the countryside.

Hong Kong customs seizes massive cocaine haul

A haul of cocaine with an estimated market value of HKD100 million has been seized in Hong Kong, customs agents said yesterday. The customs service in the semi-autonomy Chinese territory said one man was arrested in the operation that netted 91 kilograms of the drug. As a major Asian port city, Hong Kong is considered a key transit point for contraband from illegal drugs to endangered wildlife parts. Much of that is bound for mainland China or Southeast Asia where drug laws tend to be much stricter.

Macau-Hengqin travel restrictions recommended lifted

Wong Fai, a member of the Macau Development Strategy Research Center and the Tourism Development Committee, has proposed unlimited travel for mainland residents between Hengqin and Macau on the same day, according to a report by TDM. Currently, 70 percent of Macau’s tourists who come from mainland China are only allowed single entry to the territory. Wong believes that the development of both places has remained constrained because of that. He suggested that the government should allow workers from both regions’ tourism industries to provide cross-border services.

Health Bureau informs of Cheng Ming medical services

The Health Bureau has informed the public of arrangements for public medical services during the Cheng Ming Festival public holiday on Friday. Emergency services by S. Januario Hospital at both Macau (including the 24-hour out-patient service) and Taipa stations will remain open. Dialysis services will be provided from 8 a.m. to midnight. All medical centers will be open for non-reserved out-patient and nursing services between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., while the Coloane Health Post will provide nursing services at the same time only. Both medical facilities in Coloane will provide on-call medical services all day.

Domestic violence call leads to drug arrest

A local 38-year-old man was accused of drug consumption after an initial call to the Public Security Police Force alerted the officers to a possible case of domestic violence. On arrival at the scene, the officers found a man. A body search of the man uncovered a plastic bag in one of his pockets, containing a substance suspected to be cannabis. After analysis, it was confirmed that the drug found was in fact cannabis with a total weight of 0.22 grams. The man was charged with drug consumption.

Ship management center planned for new urban zone

A ship traffic management center and an offshore operation base building will be located in the New Urban Zone E1 area, according to a report by TDM. The facilities will cover an area of 1,120 square meters. The project consists mainly of constructing a building with five storeys in addition to two basement storeys. Upon completion, the building will provide about 13,400 square meters of office space and parking lots. The maximum construction period has been set at 580 working days.

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