Briefs | Guia pedestrian tunnel design expected this year

The pedestrian tunnel at Guia Hill is expected to see its final design by the end of this year, according to the Land, Public Works and Transport’s (DSSOPT) reply to lawmaker Lam Lon Wai. Currently, the design is being assessed and adjusted by relevant governmental departments. After the design is settled, approximately 15 months will be needed for the government to complete the construction project design and the public tender, according to available estimates. Regarding the exact schedule for the completion of the project, the DSSOPT could not offer a timetable, further stating that a date can only be fixed after the tender is finished.

IAM to build new children’s playground

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) announced on Friday that it is planning to build a new large-scale children’s playground inside the Luís de Camōes Garden. The project is already outsourced to a contractor, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. The IAM is also upgrading the children’s playgrounds at R. Central da Areia Preta and at the Praça Ponte Horta. Facilities for the two playgrounds have been ordered from Europe. Once the weather is stable, the upgrading can be completed in a single week, the bureau estimated.

Parking lots planned next to AL

Shenzhen Yee Fung Automation Technology Co. is going to build a parking lot near Macau’s Legislative Assembly (AL). Currently, the project has not started. It is undergoing a preparation and design process. According to Chen Pingan, director of the company, each parking space will cost between RMB80,000 and RMB150,000 to build. He believes that the parking lot will benefit Macau. Since 1996, when the company launched its parking equipment business, its products were mainly sold to mainland China, with only 5% of the company’s products sold outside of the country.

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