Briefs | Ho Iat Seng says Macau will be ‘poster boy’ of country’s reunification

Ho Iat Seng said in an interview with state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) that Macau would become “an example of the nation’s reunification.” Ho, who will be sworn in as chief executive on Dec. 20, said there was no issue with the “One Country, Two Systems” principle, adding that it could develop further and better.  The next chief linked the current unrest in Hong Kong to a “typhoon,” even though it was a “big one,” it will go away. Ho Iat Seng said that the turmoil in Hong Kong had raised public awareness of what “riots” and “rights” mean.  Regarding the proper balance between rights and duties, Ho said that some Hong Kongers were “overemphasising” their rights to the detriment of their civic duties , adding that the chaos in Hong Kong should remind Macau people to pay special attention to education, Macau News reported yesterday.

Debate on financial system for companies from Lusophone countries

The development of Macau’s financial sector and how to attract Lusophone companies to this market will be in focus at an event later this month, the local government announced, yesterday according to a Lusa news agency dispatch. The goal is to discuss the context of the development, challenges and opportunities of the city’s financial system and also “Macau as a renminbi clearinghouse for Portuguese-speaking countries,” the Talent Development Commission said in a statement. The ‘Macao Financial System with its Own Characteristics – Challenges and Opportunities’ lecture on 29 November will address topics such as “the pattern of development and the opportunities and challenges facing the financial sector of Macau, as well as future development planning,” was announced. Speakers include the Deputy Director of the AMCM Department of Financial Development, Lao A Kun, and the Director of the Private Banking Department of BNU, Francisco Chan.

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