Briefs | Hypertension affects many middle-aged residents

Forty percent of Macau’s middle-aged residents suffer from hypertension (persistently elevated blood pressure in the arteries), according to a report by Macao Daily News. During a recent seminar on hypertension, held in Macau, a local medical organization argued that the high percentage might be due to westernized diet habits and the fact that many of Macau’s residents work in casinos. More specifically, 11 percent of Macau residents aged under 44 years old, 39 percent of Macau residents aged between 45 and 64 years old, and over 75 percent of residents aged above 65 years old, suffer from hypertension.

Plan to be delivered to UN before December

The Macau government will deliver a report outlining the protection and management plan of Macau’s historical city zone to the United Nations before December.  The vice president of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), Leong Wai Man, said the report will highlight Macau’s latest efforts to preserve the historical city zone, as well as relevant public opinion and legislation on the topic. According to Leong, the current draft of public consultation is not yet finalized. The IC will duly report to the public, in case significant changes occur.

Two men accused of selling car owned by third party

Two local men have been arrested for selling a car which did not belong to either of them, according to media reports. The suspects are brothers aged 33 and 28 years old. One works for the public relations department of a local casino and the other is a taxi driver. The victim is a mainland resident who claimed that the brothers had sold his MOP4.8 million car last year without his knowledge. The two denied the accusation, stating that they sold the car because the victim had borrowed two million patacas from the younger brother. The case has been forwarded to the prosecution authorities.

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