Briefs | IAS issues subsidies to 4,724 vulnerable families

The Social Affairs Bureau (IAS) will provide additional special assistance to three types of vulnerable families in August. This marks the second phase of this year’s assistance program. The three types of families are single-parent families, families with disabled family members, and families with chronically ill members. In total, 4,724 families are eligible, with an estimated total expenditure of around MOP19.33 million. This year, the IAS also entrusted associations and other entities with the provision of services and activities to eligible applicants. Twice each year, the local government issues a subsistence allowance to these three types of families, who receive regular assistance and whose income is not higher than a certain multiple of the minimum living index (1.8 times this year).

DSSOPT plans gas filling station for New Urban Zone

The local government plans to build a compressed natural gas filling station in the northern part of the E2 district of the New Urban Zone, according to a land plan draft publicized by the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOP). It is planned that a land area of 1,504 square meters in total will be used for the station, with the station limited to a height of seven meters. An environmental evaluation report is required to be submitted to and reviewed by the Environmental Protection Bureau. In addition, the DSSOPT has issued a land plan draft for a land plot of 4,182 square meters located in district A of the New Urban Zone, to be used as a social service building. 

Lawmakers want better bus system for typhoons

Lawmakers Lei Cheng I and Leong Sun Iok have urged the local government to review transportation arrangements at the Macau Port of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZMB), particularly during typhoons. On Wednesday, shuttle bus services at HKZMB were still operational while Macau’s Signal No.8 was hoisted. However, bus routes 101X and 102X, which travel between Macau and HKZMB, were suspended shortly after Signal No.8 was hoisted. Many passengers arriving in Macau were stranded at the port. Lei and Leong hope that the government will study bus arrangements during typhoons and discuss with the taxi industry how to provide the conditions for taxi operation during typhoons.

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